DenTek Childrens Fun Flossers - 1 Pack Of 40 Pieces

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  • A fun-shaped dental floss pick made just for kids
  • The easy-to-grasp handle makes dental care fun for both kids and parents
  • Flosser heads specifically designed for kids oral care
  • Multi-filament scrubbing floss cleans kids teeth
  • Wild fruit flavored dental floss is a taste kids will love
  • Floss coated with fruit flavor.

DenTek Fun Flossers are designed to fit smaller teeth and mouths, making it easier to take good care of baby teeth or even after adult teeth after they push through. Ensure kids’ health with Fun Flossers. Let DenTek help you and your child establish good dental care habits early on. DenTek helps you encourage flossing at an early age with a kid-exclusive product that puts the fun in flossing. Make dental care fun with DenTek Fun Flossers.

Use flossers for kids between meals to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. And establish a dental routine for life. To use, hold flosser between thumb and index finger. Using a gentle back-and-forth motion, slide floss between teeth. Move up and down against tooth to clean above and below the gum line. Discard after use. Gums may bleed a little when kids begin to floss. If bleeding persists or gums remain red and swollen, consult your paediatric dentist. Adult supervision is necessary until the age of 10. We want to help your whole family have healthy smiles.

Brand Dentek