Denivit Anti-Stain Dental Creme - 50 ml

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  • Worldwide Anti-Stain Expert
  • Proven Natural Whitening efficiency
  • Clinically Proven Performance
  • Gentle on teeth

Denivit, with its new anti-stain complex, removes stains caused by coffee, tea, wine or cigarettes.

Thanks to its active-stain complex for naturally whiter teeth, Denivit removes stains effectively, without the use of harsh ingredients or bleaching ingredients.
Denivit is gentle on teeth:

It's gentle anti-stain formulation contains very fine and gentle cleansing ingredients, which act as you brush, without damaging tooth enamel.
Denivit should be used regularly:

with regular use, Denivit not only removes stains effectively, but it also prevents the recurrance of stains.

Denivit also contains fluoride to reinforce the tooth enamel and provides continuous protection against tooth decay.

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