Curasept Specialist Surgical Toothbrush

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  • The brush head is narrower than standard heads
  • Extremely soft bristles indicated for gentle and atraumatic cleaning.
  • Simply the softest toothbrush you have ever seen.
  • Available in Aqua and Pink colour options.
Curasept Surgical tooth brushes are beyond soft. Sometimes situations arise when you need a tooth brush that you will hardly feel. That is the Curasept Surgical.  It is perfect for use just after you have had any oral surgery or extractions.
The brushes are also ideal for patients that are undergoing chemo or radio therapy where open oral lesions have formed and are extremely painful to the touch. Use your Curasept Surgical tooth brush in conjunction with the legendary alcohol-free, non-staining Curasept ADS220 mouth rinse.  It may well help during those tough times.
Brand Curasept