Curaprox 100ml Weekly Concentrate Cleanser

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  • Curaprox BDC provides natural care
  • Contains: citric acid/eucalyptus oil/sea salt
  • No abrasives
  • Increases wearing comfort and everyday assurance
  • Dentures stay like new for years

Curaden Weekly Concentrate Cleaner is a concentrated solution ready to dilute. Gently cleans and disinfects. For denture durability. Ideally, dentures are placed in the practical cleaning box. With sea salt. Comes in a handy 100 ml bottle. The removal of plaque and stain is far easier to perform after soaking the denture with the citric-acid containing BDC daily, weekly, and concentrate.

Contrary to the oxygen-producing products, BDC does not present any harm to the acrylic resin, the dentures remain clean and shiny for years. Eucalyptus Oil - Forms a micro-film on your dentures leaving a fresh taste and sealing the surface of the denture with protection at once. Sea Salt - Stabilizes and increases the effect of citric acid.

Brand Curaprox