Curapox Prime Handy CPS Assorted Brushes - Pack Of 5

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  • The Ultimate Complete Unit, Brush And Interchangeable Holder Ready To Go
  • Ultrafine Bristles
  • Fill The Spaces Between The Teeth
  • Cleaning Brilliantly And Smoothly

CPS prime made in Germany, by Curaprox, a Swiss oral care provider are considered the 'finest little brushes on the market'. They help to reduce bad breath, prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

The superior quality of the brush head means fewer cleaning movements are required to remove the food particles and bacteria. The fine bristles on the brush head reach all the important parts between the teeth and gum margin, they have excellent tension. The bristles expand to fill the space between the teeth and gums, cleaning thoroughly yet gently thanks to this special effect.

Brand Curaprox