Curaprox Daily Gel Denture Cleanser 60 ml

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  • Intensive natural cleaner for denture and dental appliances
  • Removes harmful plaque while treating the denture plastic carefully
  • Forms microfilm on a dental appliance
  • Increases wearing comfort
  • Recommended by hygienists and dentists

The Curadent BDC Daily is for the daily gentle cleaning of your SomnoGuard appliance. Curadent BDC daily (Biological Denture Care) keeps your SomnoGuard appliance (or dentures) perfectly clean without affecting the copolymeric material. Curadent BDC daily effectively removes plaque from the surface of the mouthpiece. A build up of plaque is a common cause of bacterial contamination.The Curadent BDC Daily is simple and easy to use. Just apply a few drops of the gel onto the mouthpiece.

Brush thoroughly with a soft toothbrush particularly the inside, and rinse with water. Repeat this process after every use of your SomnoGuard device.The dilution rate for this product is 1:10. About 10ml of BDC Weekly to 100ml of tepid is recommended.

Brand Curaprox