Colgate Whitening Toothbrush Link Starter Kit

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  • Long-lasting Aluminium handle
  • Pack contains 1x handle and 2x brush heads
  • Stain removing cups for whiter smiles
  • A toothbrush uses 80% less plastic than a regular manual toothbrush

This innovative toothbrush has been beautifully designed with a premium aluminum handle that you can use and reuse for as long as you like. The long-lasting toothbrush comes in a handy Whitening Starter Kit that includes the handle and 2 whitening replacement brush heads. The whitening toothbrush head has a unique technology with stain removing cups that help to reduce surface stains on your teeth, giving you a whiter smile from the very first time you use the aluminum toothbrush. With a cheek and tongue cleaner, the toothbrush head reduces 151% more bacteria* and thoroughly cleans your teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums for a whole mouth clean.

Brand Colgate