Colgate Smiles Toothpaste 6 Plus Years 50ml

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  • Mild Flavour Toothpaste.
  • Clinically Proven Cavity And Enamel Protection.
  • Gentle Cleaning.
  • Low Fluoride Formula.
  • Children’S 6+ Years Toothpaste.

Colgate Smiles Junior Toothpaste 50Ml Has Been Specially Developed For Children Aged 6 Years And Above To Provide Clinically Proven Protection For Strong Permanent Teeth.

It Has A Child-Friendly Cool And Fresh Flavor And Contains An Age-Appropriate Fluoride Level According To Dental Experts.

It’S Easy For Young Children To Use Thanks To Its Flip-Top Cap And Stand Up Tube Design.

It Is Clinically Proven To Protect Kid Gum And Also Enhance Strong Permanent Teeth, It’S Cool And Fresh Flavor Makes It Child-Friendly.

The Fluoride Level Used Is Age Appropriate According To Dental Experts, Its Flip-Top Cap Makes It Fascinating To Children And Also Its Amazing Stand-Up Tube.

Brand Colgate