BioXtra Mild Toothpaste For Dry Mouth 50ml

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  • Gentle Oral Hygiiene For Dry, Sore Or Sensitive Mouths
  • Daily Use Inhibits Dental Plaque
  • Growth And Helps To Maintain A Healthy Mouth
  • Bioxtra Toothpaste Is A Mild Toothpaste
  • Free From Irritating Substances And Especially Suitable For A Dry Mouth

BioXtra Dry Mouth Mild Toothpaste gently supplements natural saliva by regulating the microenvironment of the mouth. The mild-tasting formulation guards against plaque build-up strengthen enamel, helps prevent the formation of dental caries, and eases the symptoms and effects of Dry Mouth (xerostomia). It helps maintain a healthy mouth and promotes fresh breath.

Brand Bioxtra