Alkapharm Saraya Touch-Less Dispenser - White

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  • Improved sensor sensitivity ( No-touch dispenser)
  • Faster sensor-dispensing reaction (No-touch dispenser)
  • 3 Adjustable dispensing volumes
  • Transparent design to check for refill
  • No disinfectant included. Its just the dispenser

The UD-1600 dispensers provide clean dispensing that supports hand hygiene compliance. Use with hand soap or alcohol-based hand disinfectant. Ready to use cartridge for easy & clean replacement. Reduced risk of clogging because the pump is replaced with the cartridge.Large 1.2L capacity. The compact wall-mounted design will not obstruct hallways. Simple installations with double-sided tape or screws. A security lock protects against unauthorized access. No disinfectant included. It's just the dispenser.

Brand Alkapharm