UltraDEX Sensitive Daily Oral Rinse 250ml

UltraDEX Sensitive Daily Oral Rinse 250ml

  • Clinically proven formula, developed for sensitive teeth. Dual powered by SensiShield® (hydroxyapatite) and iQ+ ActiveOxi TechnologyTM

  • Recalcifies tooth surfaces and provides a protective enamel shield making teeth more resistant to staining and acidic food & drink

  • Leaves teeth smoother, brighter, stronger and rejuvenated. Whitens teeth by gently oxidising stains

  • The advanced UltraDEX technology instantly eliminates odour-causing compounds (VSC) and delivers 12 hours fresh breath confidence

  • The alcohol free, mineral-based rinse with anti-bacterial action also helps to prevent gum problems, tooth decay and plaque

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