BioXtra Moisturising Gel - For Dry Mouth - 40ml

  • Slow-release of active molecules

  • Formulated with a viscous, water-rich polymer

  • Forms a moisturizing barrier over dry mucosa

  • Similar viscosity, elasticity and texture to saliva

  • Salivary enzymes proteins and colostrum extract

  • Xylitol

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  • Rapid, relief of dryness for hours especially at night.
  • Improves mouth function
  • Immune and non-immune antimicrobial action
  • Encourages oral health and fresh breath
  • Helps maintain normal pH and guard against caries
  • Assists the mouth’s natural healing processes
  • Maintains the mouth’s natural balance
  • Easy to use and tolerate
  • Helps prevent C. albicans
  • Improves quality of life
  • Forms a viscous barrier over dry oral surfaces. 
  • Slow-release of moisture to mucosal cells. 
  • Promotes a healthy, comfortable mouth.

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