Hy-G Ionic Replacement Toothbrush Heads - Pack Of 2

  • To Replace Brush Heads.

  • Compact Head/Medium Texture.

  • For Teeth & Gums Your Dentist Will Be Proud Of.

  • Reduces Plaque Up To 48% More Effectively.

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COMPACT HEAD/MEDIUM TEXTURE. FOR TEETH & GUMS YOUR DENTIST WILL BE PROUD OF. REDUCES PLAQUE UP TO 48% MORE EFFECTIVELY. The hyG IONIC is clinically proven by studies at Universities in the USA and Japan to remove plaque up to 48% more effectively than ordinary manual toothbrushing. Iontophoretic action improves the effectiveness of fluoride in toothpaste helping to reduce hypersensitivity in teeth. If allowed to build up plaque can lead to cavities gum problems and may cause bad breath. Plaque is difficult to remove because it has a positive polarity (+) while teeth have a negative polarity (-). The opposite polarity naturally attracts plaque to your teeth. The hyG IONIC toothbrush electronically breaks this ionic bond by temporarily reversing the polarity of tooth surfaces (+). As you brush plaque molecules are actively repelled by your teeth and drawn to the negatively charged bristles (-). INNOVATION IN ORAL CARE. HyG IONICâ"¢ PATENTED.


How To Use.
With a wet palm or finger, lightly touch the metal band. Then brush as normal.
After brushing rinse the hyG IONIC toothbrush and store in a dry place to ensure maximum battery life.

To Replace Brush Heads.
Hold handle tightly and pull off brush head. Snap new brush into place over metal stern.

Testing The Battery - Monthly.
The battery should last 3-4 years with normal use.
Press rubber button at the base of the handle.
A light should illuminate indicating full power.
If light does not illuminate a replacement brush is required.

Dentists recommend all brush heads are replaced every 3 months or when bristles begin to spread out.

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