Orabrush Tongue Cleaner Fresh Breath Brush With Scraper (Colours May Vary)

  • Soft, tongue-friendly, deep clean brush helps cure bad breath (Halitosis)

  • Built-in 'gunk' scraper

  • Requires no gel, paste or chemicals

  • Fresh breath for up to 12 hours

  • Lasts months - as long as your toothbrush

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Up to 90% of bad breath comes from the tongue and everyone has some degree of bad breath.

OraBrush is the only tongue cleaner that will clean deep into the soft crevices of the tongue to pull out the bad-breath causing bacteria.
This bacteria can often be seen as "white stuff", especially on the back of the tongue.
There are three reasons why Orabrush is the best cure for bad breath (halitosis):

A toothbrush won't give you fresher breath
Toothbrush bristles only remove the surface bacteria on the tongue. In fact, cleaning the tongue this way actually stimulates the bacteria in the deep indentations of the tongue to begin growing again.

A tongue scraper alone won't work
Regular tongue scrapers will remove the top portion of the bacteria on the tongue and will not clean out the deep indentations of the tongue.
This bacteria will grow again.

OraBrush is gentle, safe and much more effective
Scrapers can be stiff and can injure the soft tissues of the tongue, but OraBursh is different.

OraBrush is gentle, effective and safe even for sensitive tongues. It has individual, soft, pointed, flexible bristles that clean out the small crevices and indentations on the soft surface of the tongue. OraBrush bristles loosen the bacteria and bacterial waste (often seen as "white stuff") and the scraper then removes this material from the mouth, giving a fresher feel and fresh breath for up to 12 hours.

OraBrush is so effective, it doesn't need any cleaning gel or paste to be used with it.


Cleans your tongue and eliminates bad breath. Leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean for up to 12 hours


Full usage instructions included in pack.

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