Dentaid Interprox Plus X-Maxi - Grey - 4 Brushes Per Pack

  • Highly durable brushes

  • Long handle improves access to back of the mouth

  • Bi-Colour bristles acts as indicator for plaque and bleeding

  • Design is the key to comfortable access and cleaning between teeth

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Interprox Plus Interdental brush is designed to remove oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) build-up from interproximal spaces, particularly in the premolar and molar areas.

Its angled brush head provides easy access to interdental spaces in the premolar and molar regions. This specific design allows for perpendicular entry, preventing gingival lesions. The size of the head ensures deep cleaning of interdental spaces.

Designed with long handles to make them easy to use an angled brush head to alleviate the need for manual adjustment durable bristles complete with indicators to highlight plaque and bleeding.

The fixed angle of this durable interdental brush design is the key to comfortable access and cleaning between teeth, even if you have limited dexterity or large hands! This is a robust brush with the quality bristles that maintain their shape throughout repeated use.

Innovative manufacturing with high quality Tynex® filaments allows for better gum care, because their dual colour design allows white filaments to detect bleeding sites and black filaments to detect the presence of oral biofilm. The stainless steel wire is coated with polyurethane (plastic material), to better protect the mucosal, dental and implant structures. The brush also comes with a protective cap for convenient transport.

Interprox® Plus effectively cleans interproximal spaces and helps to protect teeth from caries and periodontal disease.


Step 1: Use the most appropriate size interdental brush for each space.

The brush should slide easily between the teeth without being forced, ensuring the bristles and not the wire are in contact with the teeth.

Step 2: Move the brush in and out without twisting.

Step 3: Once finished replace hygiene cap and store.

6 Brushes Per Pack (Except Grey & Black which contain 4 brushes).

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